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First of all you should be aware that there are no brothels in T&T – even though there are lots of brothels in T&T. Confused? You see brothels are in that strange Trinidadian zone of things that exist, yet don’t exist. Also in this zone are homosexuals, AIDS patients, atheists, and people who think Soca is sh*t music.
Secondly, I am not sure what criteria to use to judge a “good brothel”. Are you looking for a place that has adequate seating at the bar, or maybe a big restroom and bedrooms, with no windows and as little light as possible? Or is it more from a feng shui perspective, where you are looking for a place that doesn’t generate vibrations of guilt and shame and remorse?
E-mail #2: Why do prostitutes look sad?
Why do the prostitutes on Murray St. always look so vex or depressed all the time? On TV you see prostitutes on the street in places like New York and they are always laughing and smiling. I wish the girls on Murray St were like that.
Well try putting yourself in their shoes and think about what may be depressing them. Try this.
I am a sad looking prostitute because:
a) The coffee machine in the kitchen is not working again and I need my coffee!
b) Somebody “borrowed “my stapler and didn’t return it!
c) I.T. hasn’t fixed the printer as yet and I have lots of work to finish.
d) I am sexual slave forced into a life of abuse and danger and made to stand on Murray St. and have sex with the likes of you for the profit of others!
Which one do you think it is Rodel?
For further reference: Things that are not like how they look on TV:
Jumping through glass windows. Picking a lock with a credit card. Firing a machine gun with one hand. Picking up a prostitute on the street who turns out to be Julia Roberts.
E-mail #3: Legalising prostitution.
I am putting together a proposal on behalf of the Coalition for Progress outlining the case for prostitution in Woodbrook, and elsewhere to be legalized. I would really like it if you could help out with this? Can you do an outline as to why you think prostitution should be legal? Thanxx so much.
No Probs. Here are the main reasons I feel prostitution should BE legal:
Prostitutes would be able to increase their prices and earn more money (No pimps owning them). Prostitutes will have more control in deciding who to have sex with. Prostitutes would be able to safely report crimes against them.
E-mail #4: Protesting prostitution.
A nefarious group of individuals with an ungodly agenda are attempting to promote open sex in the streets of Woodbrook. If you are opposed to this blatant attempt to undermine the fabric of our community please make your voice be heard and come out at (name and location removed) and help stop them. God Bless you.
Jesus – “I am the way”
I am in full support of your campaign. I do NOT think prostitution in Woodbrook should be legalized because:
Prostitutes would be able to increase their prices and earn more money (No pimps owning them). Prostitutes will have more control in deciding who to have sex with. Prostitutes would be able to safely report crimes against them.
Jesus –“I love you long time Mary Magdalene”
E-mail #5: Painting the prostitutes.
I am ‘Richard’ – Master artist. I am working on a series of paintings exploring the narratives of the prostitutes on Murray St. My aim is to capture the story of these women from a post feminist, post modernist, post colonial, post independence viewpoint and within a pre-cambium, futuristic, neo classical subtext.
Would you be willing to collaborate on this project? Perhaps you are familiar with my ‘Chinese Worker’ exhibition at Alice Yard?
Richard – Master Artist.
I am the light. I believe in the light. I am one with the light.
Dear Richard – Master artist.
It is truly an honour to receive your email! I am indeed familiar with your “Chinese Worker” exhibition held at Alice Yard last year. I have to say I was deeply moved and impressed by the way you expressed the anxieties, hopes, dreams , and struggles of the Chinese immigrants in Trinidad by your canvas depicting “a Chinese worker” – just standing there. It was just amazing. Not to mention the tee shirts for sale with the ‘Chinese worker’ image. Brilliant!
I am sure that you will treat the women on Murray St. who must surely have complex and tragic personal stories with just as much creative flair.
I believe our society overlooks people like these women. They are caught up in a web of personal tragedy, and organized crime. ‘Exploitation’ seems to be the only word that defines their existence.
It’s nice to know there are people like you who are willing to help them tell their story. I would love to be part of your project. I can see the poster now-“Prostitutes @ Alice Yard.”- It could be like, images of prostitutes and we could sell tee shirts with pics of the prostitutes on it! Cool!
I am not pretentious. I am not pretentious. I am not pretentious.
E-mail #6: Sex slaves and Emancipation.
Ok I just got off the phone with (name removed). What the f*ck is wrong with you. How could you send an Emancipation Day Greetings press ad to the client, with pictures of prostitutes on Murray St in it and write sh*t about how there is still slavery in Trinidad and how there are more people living as sex slaves than there were African slave labour.

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