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This is the one, if its Disco and freelance hookers В you want !
Warning, get taxi to drop you at front, and pick up taxi at front, do not walk to or from Mango Square because of possibility of street robberies nowadays.
J. Ave Is in Mango Square entertainment area. Set back, on Mango Ave (aka Gen. Maxillon Ave). P100 entrance = first drink. 11pm starts to take off, goes to early hours of the morning. All taxi drivers should know it. Currently the most popular pick up disco in Cebu. Bar area outside door В , good place to check talent entering. Thurs Frid Sat are the biggest nights (as at most disco’s : ) 1/2am onwards girls working elsewhere front up at J’s. Some of them are ‘lookers’ from GoGo Bars and maybe even places like, Arena, Infinity В etc (see above). There is a mix of good girls and hookers in this place. Be wary how you approach girls , viz boyfriend might be around somewhere (toilet etc). В Usually hookers give you the eye. Also be on the alert for trans-sexuals here and rest of Mango Square, and just about everywhere else in the Philippines (and Thailand .. more so).
Currently J’s and Pump1 are the best disco prospects for a pick up. Always be sensitive to the fact that you might be targeting a non hooker, and maybe her boyfriend is in the disco somewhere, eg at bar or toilet etc. Tread warily. Even the hookers themselves do not like being approached as if they are hookers. Phils not hard core like Thailand.
Alcohology Disco … is also located at Mango Square , and not far from the much more popular J. Ave disco. Have no info on it. Still in biz ?
Pump1 Disco : В Less hookers at Pump1 В than say J’s mentioned above. Even J’s is a mix of good girls and hookers too, especially say before 1am. Generally the hookers will give you the eye. If you do not like the excessive noise at Pump 1, you can sit outside where there are girls too (mostly korean when I was there) but first spend a few mins inside secure someone and take her outside away from the noise and smoke. Location of Pump1 : off Cardinal Reyes Ave, side of Cebu Grand Majestic Hotel. Every taxi driver should know it. Just say “Cebu Grand Majestic, Cardinal Reyes”. Facing hotel, entrance is to the right, and around the side В M-F ladies free, guys P50 on off nights (M-W only ?) P100 ‘on’ nights (Frid and Sat for sure, and maybe Thurs too). P50 SanMig. Prices might have varied by the time you get there. Lot cheaper and slightly more effective pick up place than Sunflower (below).
UPDATE : One trip on Frid and Sat nights 90% koreans. Next trip 6 months later 90% filipinos. Worth a visit.
Sunflower Disco :В CLOSED …. Whole area is going to be re-developed. That makes sense, valuable land in the right place.
Halo Disco – also in Mabolo, not far from where Paseo was located. Check taxi driver knows it before hopping in his car.Update : Never hear it mentioned nowadays, either closed, or lost popularity ?
The Loft – in IT Park, near Waterfront Hotel. In the Skyrise building. Friday and Saturday nights only. All taxi drivers should know it. Hookers in short supply here. Difficult for a pick up.
Budo’s/Udos Disco – В Think you can forget this one.
For the curious :В Pronounced Boodos/ ‘Oodoos’. Maybe it has changed its name to ‘Vudu’ nowadays ?В Location : Crossroads Entertainment Complex, quite a taxi ride out from the city itself. Taxi drivers seem to know it. Haven’t been there for yonks, so following info might be out of date ….. Smallish disco, no entrance fee, hence full of virgins : ) Seriously, pick up potential here is very limited. You can find a girlfriend/potential wife here, but can you find a fuck ? Expect the good girls to have a male friend or brother chaperoning them, or at least to be with one or two girl friends. The chances of one of them going home with you on the night you meet is remote. Dont go there for a quick pick up, its unlikely to happen. Everyone talks about Juliana’s Disco nowadays, see above. UPDATE : I have now visited Budo’s/Udos (Vudu) again. Middle class/rich people. They do not need you or me. Forget it.
Street Hookers for cheap and risky sex В –
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There is the odd lady of the night working the streets. Usually they are of poor quality and a security risk (valuables – room) . Walk up Osmena Blvd from Rajah Place Hotel (formerly Park Place Hotel) at Fuente Osmena (small park at centre of the roundabout) and at the second traffic lights North you might see a half a dozen gals parked on the corner. That is, the corner of Sta Christina and Osmena Blvd (also called Jones Avenue) P3/500 ST. A Pimp will pop up out of nowhere and take the money. Give pimp P300 only, and in the privacy of your room give the lady P200 tip and everyone is happy. Cheap sex, eh . Some will stay all night for only P5/750 all up. They do not come from a casa/brothel and thus have more flexibility re price and what they can and can not do. There were only two good ones there last time. Further along Sta Christina at the corner of J. Luna I was approached by young attractive ladies (2), offering themselves for P400 short time. They had no pimp, cutting costs, not willing to pay a pimp anything : ) P300 is the right price for these girls too.

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