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“Who were the most successful people? Sex workers,” says Sunenti, another girl who took the bait. For the girls, though, the debt is a burden. Many sex workers live in dormitories guarded by brothel staff. “It’s not easy to go out, even on your day off or to go shopping, because security guards go with you,” says Nur’Asiah. “They follow you to make sure you don’t run away or go to work in another bar.”
Ask people here why they sell their daughters and the answer is faktor ekonomi – economic reasons. Indramayu is sustained by three industries: rice growing, sending people to countries such as Saudi Arabia and Malaysia as migrant labourers, and remittances from sex work.
In the vast rice fields, people toil in the wilting sun for just 30,000 rupiah – around $3 – per day. Even in this slow-speed rural economy, it’s barely enough to survive, much less buy a house. Offshore migrant labour means years away from home, and the horror stories of mistreatment, including rape, are legion.
There are no factories in Indramayu and the education system is so poor that few people are qualified for even the most basic white-collar job. According to Sukim, everyone has access to primary school but there are only a few middle schools (years 7 to 9) and, in Bongas at least, no high school at all. By the age of 11 or 12, many children have dropped out entirely. By 15, the girls, bored and unemployed, have watched older friends return to the village for religious holidays, desirably light-skinned from night work, with money to splash around, wearing beautiful clothes and make-up.
Yayasan Kusuma is trying to counter the lure of the sex industry by using a free middle school in Bongas to both extend children’s education into their teens and to explain the dangers of sex trafficking.
We sit in on an English lesson. When we ask about prostitution, the 15-year-old girls giggle in their hijabs and refer to it as “blank-blank”.
“I have a friend doing it – she works in Mangga Besar,” one girl says, referring to a red light district in North Jakarta.
Would you like that job?
“No!” says one girl. “We’d rather be something that’s more noble. I want to be policewoman, or a doctor.”
It’s a big aim, and seems a million miles from village life. As we leave the classroom and walk out to the dusty road, we are stopped dead by a ceremony that reminds us just how far.
Disty is seven years old and princess for a day. Dressed and painted like an Arabian Sultana and perched high on a ride-on dragon carried by four dancing men, she is paraded through the streets to the infectious beat of Indonesian pop music, dangdut.
Local girls tell us it’s an “Islamisation” ceremony, and eventually we work out that we are celebrating little Disty’s circumcision. In Indonesia, this procedure is usually performed by the midwives at a girl’s birth, and can range from a full cliterodectomy to a ceremonial dabbing of a knife on the baby’s labia. Disty’s mother, Roimah, is not sure which version her daughter endured. Then, when the girl turns seven, the local preacher, or ulama , prays over her and the village turns out for the party.
Stumbling from a discussion of careers in prostitution with a group of 15-year-old girls to a ceremony marking religious circumcision suggests unanswerable questions about the sacred and the profane, and why, in this pocket of West Java, both seem so concerned with the sexuality of little girls.
Nightfall does nothing to resolve the question. While competing calls to evening prayer bray over the loudspeakers on village mosques, the embellished houses of former prostitutes light up, twinkling prettily in the back streets.
In front of one large house, painted bright red and in the process of an expensive renovation, Eryawati sits on a blanket drinking spiced wine. She used to be a working girl but now is a kept woman, funded by a rich, married Chinese-Indonesian man who visits once or twice a month with a bundle of cash and a hard-on.
Her neighbour is another wealthy older man, a “haji”, respected because he’s made the pilgrimage to Mecca. He’ll soon marry another neighbourhood woman who quit sex work because she was pregnant. She needed a husband quickly and the haji wanted a wife, so he bought her, paying off her 10 million rupiah ($1000) debt.
Syarifudin, another worker at Yayasan Kusuma Bongas, says religious leaders here preach against prostitution but their imprecations carry far less weight than the material promises of the pimps.
Marriage is one route out of the sex trade. Other prostitutes become mistresses, second wives of polygamous men, or even ayam – literally “chicken” – a word used to describe local girls who glam up in the attempt to catch rich, often Western, husbands in the bars and nightclubs of Jakarta.
But half an hour’s drive from Bongas, at Bhayankara Police Hospital, we discover another way out of prostitution. Tarini is 28 and started her career for familiar reasons. “Many of my cousins worked as prostitutes and I saw them as successful,” she says. “When they came back to the village, they were clean and white-skinned. It looked like such a nice job.”

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Since I was 10-years-old I suffer because of a small penis. And despite this article has read much of my mind, it was not able to provide me a real-world solution, which would be a method of making it grow, flacid and erect. My low self-esteem ended up in obesity (making it even smaller) and in giving up a fully development of my career. I am now 30, believing that I will never be happy in this world with a growing number of selfish women. My small penis made my life a misery and I am truly considering suicide. The other option is to stay asexual, as an avoidance of the whole suffering that would come after constituting a normal family.
take heart from the following:
A study of 50 European women found 45 of them said size was important.
BUT its girth not length that matters most.
The researcher said the minimum lenght was 5.5 inches not 6 inches.
. and the minimum girth was only 4.9 inches!
the critical thing is then you are at least 4.9 in girth and the vast majority of men are above that value.
I hope that helps put a lot of peoples minds at rest. not all women have the ‘cosmo’ mindset.
After reading the extensive comments spanning 3 articles and almost 2 years, I thought I would add my opinion. Firstly, thank you for the articles and trying to alleviate, through education, a masculine anxiety that is very common. It is unfortunate that your good intentions were not always appreciated by some commentators.
There seems to be two issues present here: ( 1 ) men who genuinely have an (objectively) “smaller than the mean” penis and ( 2 ) men who perceive their penis as small or are generally (and subjectively) dissatisfied with their penis.
Empirical studies regarding penis size have shown relatively consistent results internationally. Exclude any poll or study that is self reported, internet-based or sampled using self selection. It has been shown repeatedly that self measurement values are significantly larger than objective measurement, men are inclined to round up and/or outright lie in anonymous surveys and generally only men who believe they are well endowed volunteer for such (staff measured) research. Therefore only consult scientifically conducted research results. From these we obtain CONSISTENT reports of average (fully stretched/erect) lengths of 12-14 cm and average (erect) girth of 11-13 cm , in studies conducted in Europe, South America, North America and Asia. An excellent example is the 2001 Ponchietti et al. research conducted on 3000 Italian men in the army, aged 17-19. These men did not volunteer thus ensuring a representative sample. All were healthy. The finding: mean stretched length (shown to be significantly correlated to erect length) was 12.5 cm (sd=2.5). So, looking at the various results available it is possible to establish an average. If you fall substantially under this average then you are one of the men in category (1) mentioned above. However, if you are able to urinate, obtain erection and ejaculate then you have a perfectly FUNCTIONAL penis. No platitudes will alter its size but you have the option of either allowing this one aspect of yourself to dominate all others or the alternative which is to give your penis size less importance in your life and the life of whoever you choose to be intimate with. Approximately 60% of women are unable to reach orgasm through penetrative sex alone (these numbers decrease somewhat after age 40) regardless the size of the penis penetrating them . Some women do discuss and highlight and “idealise” a large penis just as men will often discuss large breasts on a woman in a way that idealises them. However, those same men will not dismiss every woman that crosses his path unless she has a pair of Double D’s. It is the novelty value and the rarity that causes the discussion. much the same as women’s conversations. If a 7 or 8 or 9 inch penis was the norm, why would it be so glorified by women, the media etc.? We are fascinated by the extremes, not the mundane, run of the mill and common.
So, what do the ( 1 )’s do? Realise that the difference between yourself (with an erect penis length of 7.5, 9 or even 11 cm) is not that far from the “average” (ie 12-14 cm) penis. Be proud of the fact that other research suggests a smaller penis gets harder than a larger one thus ensuring a good erection quality (provided you let go of your anxiety in a sexual situation). Learn the secrets of being a good lover which include cunnilingus and fellatio skills (dependent on sexual orientation). Use positions that maximise your penis (Her legs together, rear entry can allow a 10cm x 10cm penis to completely fill a woman. Couple this with clitoral stimulation while you are thrusting and she’ll be screaming your name, guaranteed).
Now for the (2)’s. This is more difficult because you perceive your penis as small despite knowing that you are, in fact, in line with established norms. Having a look at a website “dedicated to less endowed men” you will find men posting pictures of their peni (I kid you not, that is the plural) with (reported) sizes ranging from 3 inches to 7.5 inches. This website ( [ Editor’s Note: website is NSFW ] has multitudes of men who were traumatized by their feelings about their penis size until they altered their perspective. It is interesting to note that even a man with 7 inch penis can perceive it as “too small”. Also, most of these men have an average size penis (app. 5 to 5.5 inches) yet they too call it “small”.

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Foster providers are responsible for our nation’s most vulnerable children, yet the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) collects only basic demographic information such as age, race, and marital status of foster parents. Just 56 percent of foster parents have a high school education and almost half of foster parents are unmarried. Foster families have more children than typical homes, with a high proportion of homes having five or more children. In other words, abused and neglected children live in foster homes with adults who have less education, less disposable income, and a higher child-to-adult ratio than most American families.
The foster care certificate my husband and I received states, “The maximum safe capacity for this home is four children.” I had five children at the time our first foster child arrived. That quickly grew to seven, then eight, and sometimes nine. For most of the next 20 years, we had eight children living in our home. It was a chaotic and enriching life. I learned about fetal alcohol syndrome and prenatal drug affects, signs of tobacco use and huffing aerosols, sexually reactive behavior and reactive attachment disorders. I documented behaviors and incidents, advocated for Individual Education Plans (IEPs), and drove kids to counseling and parent visits, Boy Scouts, soccer, dance, and horseback riding lessons.
We treated foster children as if they were our own, yet many of them never felt as if they were. In a non-foster family, you may not have rules prohibiting children from sitting on adults’ laps or cuddling up in the parents’ bed to watch Saturday morning cartoons. You probably don’t have a nursery monitor and motion sensor set up in your school-age child’s bedroom. You’re unlikely to have alarms on the bedroom doors. Yet those strategies were necessary to keep everyone safe given the needs of the children we welcomed into our home.
I knew our kids wanted to go home but I didn’t fully understand the stress they experienced at the separation from their biological parents and family home. I didn’t recognize the small losses a child could grieve: the tree they loved to climb, the field where they rode bikes, and the neighbors they knew they could count on. I understood they missed their stuffed animals and pets, but didn’t grasp the intangibles such as the smell of their home or the texture of their own blankets in bed. At our house, new foster children often came without clothes, so they were given sometimes new, sometimes hand-me-downs. They were the new kids in class, the ones not invited to sleepovers and birthday parties. These many small losses can bury a child who’s already waist-deep in depression and loss as they move from foster home to foster home, never feeling at home.
n 2012, almost 200,000 children were in non-relative or “stranger” foster care. A child’s first placement is often whichever home has an empty bed, which may not be the best placement for the child because it was chosen for availability rather than the child’s unique needs. So children bounce from home to home when their needs are too challenging for the current foster providers or when their behavior conflicts with the needs of other children.
Frequent moves adversely affect a child’s ability to trust adults and form healthy attachments. My first foster son said he’d been in foster homes that were Christian, Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon, and agnostic. Every set of parents he’d lived with had different ideas about what mattered. Situations that create such cognitive dissonance would be stressful for anyone, but for children who are expected to conform to adult value systems, it accentuates the distress of being separated from their known world. It’s one more way to feel you don’t belong.
Foster care is intended as a temporary safe haven for children who are abused and neglected, yet the wheels of such a bureaucracy turn slowly. On average, a foster child spends 23 months in care, often living in multiple foster homes. Nearly 20 percent of foster children experience 10 or more placements. And how long do they wait for their parents to get it together or for the courts to decide they are out of chances? In 2012, nearly 36,000 foster children had been waiting more than three years to return home or to be adopted, and 24,000 had been waiting more than five years.
Then there is the question of safety in foster homes. Data reported by the states to the federal government show that less than one percent of children are abused in foster care. Studies suggest the number is far greater. A 2010 Casey Family study of adult alumni in Washington and Oregon found that one in three former foster children reported being abused by an adult in the foster home. A lawsuit filed in April 2014 on behalf of a young Washington woman alleged that after being born to drug-affected, mentally ill parents and removed from an unsanitary home at the age of 4, she endured years of sexual abuse in two separate foster homes. Both foster fathers and one foster brother were convicted of sexual assault.
When a parent is unable to meet a child’s needs, the child can understand that this was one adult’s problem, and they can learn to trust other safe adults. However, when adult after adult is unable to meet a child’s needs, children internalize the failure as their own, and generalize a lack of trust to all adults. In worst case scenarios, they learn not to trust anyone.

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Frankly, all those questions could be answered in the positive. But, even if I wasn’t in a happy relationship — Shauna makes this choice much easier, for sure — I wouldn’t go that route. I’d be out a therapist.
It’s a beautiful spring night in New York and only sidewalk seating will do. Shauna and I are out to dinner at a restaurant near her Queens apartment, and we’re both in good spirits. The weather and the alcohol consumption are partly to blame for that, but, on cue with the season’s change, I feel I’ve turned an emotional corner. Work payments that were past due are finally finding their way into my bank account. As it turns out, my short-term money troubles were not an indication that I had no business being a writer, or that my life changeup was as irresponsible as unprotected sex at fourteen years old.
I’d told Lori as much that afternoon. I took a mental step back from my current situation and realized that in spite of my recent hardships, I was succeeding. I summarize my session for Shauna, who nods in agreement, lovingly pointing out that she’s had the same challenging freelancer experiences as a dancer.
“You’re doing great, babe,” she says matter-of-factly.
“Thank you. That means a lot,” I respond. “I guess if I’m going to be a writer I just have to accept all this and have faith in myself. The way Lori put it was, ‘You just have to go all-in.’”
“Good,” Shauna says. “You should listen to the women in your life.”
Liked this story? Our editors did too, voting it one of our 20 best untold tales!
International Women’s Day 2015: Thousands of female migrants forced into prostitution in Italy every year.
Prostitutes wait for customers at Flaminio road in Rome (Reuters)
Every year thousands of female migrants from all over the world are forced into prostitution as soon as they reach Italy.
Women and girls spend their nights on the streets across the peninsula and, sometimes, also work in apartments that they are not allowed to leave.
Often beaten and generally mistreated, these unfortunate women can have the money they generate taken from them by their procurers, under threat to them, or often to their families back in their countries of origin, if they refuse to work or seek to escape.
Rosanna Paradiso is the president of the Italy-based Tampep, an NGO that promotes the human and civil rights of migrants and migrant sex workers. She believes every year thousands of women and girls are kidnapped and smuggled into Italy and other European countries and forced into sex slavery of one form or another.
“There are kidnappings aimed at providing prostitutes,” she told IBTimes UK. “These women and girls become slaves. In some cases – such as the ones involving Albanian women – they are kidnapped by their boyfriends who convince them to go to Italy and then force them to become prostitutes.”
Paradiso explained that what she calls “the trade of sex workers in Italy” has changed over the years.
“At the beginning of 1990s, women used to come to Italy by plane,” she said. “They departed from African states such as Ivory Coast and Nigeria and flew with Alitalia and Air France. They were mainly African prostitutes.
“Today the majority of migrant sex workers in Italy are still Nigerian, but following world events such as the fall of the Berlin wall and the conflicts in Ex-Yugoslavia, women from other countries started coming to Italy, sometimes through Russia, suggesting that the criminal organisation behind prostitution is well structured in more than just one country,” she continued.
“Changes have occurred in terms of trade and routes. After 1990’s, women started coming first through Morocco and Spain. Today, a lot of women come from Libya asking for asylum status due to the political unrest in their country.They are then forced into prostitution.”
Paradiso also explained that migrant sex workers today are forced to work for long hours due to the economic recession and widespread competition.
“The global crisis has led to a decrease of rates for prostitution and thus prostitutes have to work more to earn the same amount of money they used to make a few years back.
“The financial crisis has also led to a fierce competition as nowadays prostitutes in Italy and other areas of Europe come from at least 50 different countries.”
Nigerian prostitutes in Italy Flickr/ Creative Commons.
The dangers of being on the streets.
Street prostitution poses a serious risk for women who can be harassed and even killed, Paradiso explained, urging authorities to increase investigations.
“In 1990’s we knew exactly how many women had been killed, but today we don’t know the exact figures as the phenomenon is widespread,” she said.
“Sometimes we don’t even know the identity of the prostitutes because they don’t have documents or use fake names. Police forces should investigate until they find out the identity of the victims and the culprits.”
In order to help street prostitutes, Tampep provides so-called “street unities” formed by people who approach sex workers and explain to them what they can do to escape their condition of slavery.

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Joe Buck (Jon Voight) is a naive Texan who comes to New York to make it as a gigolo. He teams up with a scrappy, sickly con man named Ratso (Dustin Hoffman) to take on the unforgiving city. Still the only X-rated movie to ever win a Best Picture Oscar.
Sees prostitution as. a sleazy business for a sleazy world.
Jane Fonda won an Oscar for playing Bree Daniel, a prostitute embroiled in the disappearance of a man who’d been sending her letters. It is one of Fonda’s best-ever performances — and, as directed by Alan J. Pakula, an excellent example of the slow-burn thrillers that ’70s Hollywood did so well.
Sees prostitution as. a reason to be paranoid.
The year 1971 was a busy one for on-screen sex work. Like Fonda, Julie Christie was nominated for Best Actress for playing a prostitute, in Robert Altman’s typically loose and sprawling historical take on the world’s oldest profession. Mrs. Miller (Christie) teams up with McCabe (Warren Beatty) to start a brothel in early-20th-century Washington. Despite suffering from an opium addiction, Mrs. Miller is a savvy businesswoman.
Sees prostitution as. an industry for enterprising spirits.
Xaviera Hollander’s memoir The Happy Hooker was sort of the Fifty Shades of Grey of its day. Fifty Shades did not end up making for a very good movie. The Happy Hooker didn’t either.
Jodie Foster was just 14 when she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Iris, a tough-minded, straight-talking 12-year-old prostitute in Martin Scorsese’s gritty classic. Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) becomes obsessed with trying to protect her, straddling the most human and most violent sides of his personality.
Sees prostitution as. a product of a city’s underbelly.
Brooke Shields’ role as Violet in Pretty Baby is even more scandalous than Jodie Foster’s turn in Taxi Driver . Growing up in the brothel where her mother (Susan Sarandon) works, Violet is sexualized at far too young an age. In one disturbing sequence, Violet’s virginity is auctioned off. The film, which features Shields nude, was deemed “child pornography” at the time. But it had defenders. Roger Ebert wrote that Pretty Baby “itself is not a perverted film: It looks soberly, and with a good deal of compassion, at its period of history and the people who occupied it.”
Sees prostitution as. a corrupting force.
Richard Gere was at the height of his sex-god glory when he played Julian, an escort to rich ladies who loves his life of giving pleasure. until he gets framed for murder.
Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s satire of ’50s West Germany tells the story of Lola (Barbara Sukowa), a prostitute and cabaret performer. She bets the father of her child (Mario Adorf) that she can seduce a commissioner (Armin Mueller-Stahl).
Call girls make for good comedy in Ron Howard’s movie starring Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton as morgue employees who start running a brothel. At one point, Keaton’s Bill tries to define the word “prostitution.” He doesn’t do a great job.
In this ’80s classic, a high school senior (Tom Cruise) gets involved with a prostitute (Rebecca De Mornay) while his parents are out of town. Sex on public transportation and scary run-ins with nasty pimps ensue.
Sees prostitution as. a way for a young man to come of age.
Let’s not mince words: Angel is a piece of exploitative schlock. A Los Angeles teen gets straight A’s at her prep school, but come sundown, works on Hollywood Boulevard. Why? Because she’s been abandoned by her parents. And a serial killer is threatening her life! New York Times critic Vincent Canby couldn’t have said it better: “ Angel will almost certainly turn out to be one of the top sleazemobiles of 1984.” Over 30 years out, that’s still a pretty accurate assessment. Two equally crummy sequels followed.
Pretty Woman is the quintessential “hooker with a heart of gold” movie, but it could have been a lot more depressing. Garry Marshall’s romantic comedy was originally titled 3,000. In that version of the script, Vivian (Julia Roberts) is a drug addict kicked to the curb at the end of the movie. Happily — or not, depending on your opinion — that project morphed into the blockbuster that made Roberts America’s sweetheart. It goes without saying that Pretty Woman romanticizes prostitution. In the world of this film, a streetwalker is just a damsel in distress, waiting to be saved by a man with a cash.
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InViolet: There are still a few more performances where folks can see you in Five Sessions at Julia De Burgos Theater in NYC. Sounds like shows have been getting great, enthusiastic audiences. How has the process been for you?
Juan: For those looking to support Latinx new works, here is a good opportunity to experience exactly that, through the eyes of a Latinx playwright, a Latinx director and a Latinx lead with a dynamic play like Five Sessions .
Five Sessions by Jaime Estada , Directed by Eddie Torres has been an inspiring experience that has pushed me as an actor. This is a story of a Puerto Rican Superintendent who manages buildings on both The Upper East Side and The Upper West Side who after his repeated failed attempts of suicide has been forced to go to 5 therapy sessions with a newly graduated white therapist. The pressures on the working class while trying to maintain their sanity can push anyone to the edge. Here you get to see how that can happen.
“We are both humans but we are situated differently….How are we supposed to feel when we are surrounded, angry or depressed?” -Superintendent.
Jaime has written a character that I like to call “The Truth Teller.” There is usually one in all plays where they are the person who tells “the truth” whether you want to hear it or not. But being a truth teller comes at the price of being ostracized. Will this middle aged Puerto Rican Superintendent choose to focus on exposing the truths of our society that have caused him to be angry or choose to focus on exposing the truths of his deep hurt since a young child?
This is the kind of role that can push an actor to go through an epic roller coaster ride like Willy Loman (Death of a Salesman) , King Lear (King Lear) , Troy Maxson (Fences) , and Henry Reyna (Zoot Suit) .
This is our final weekend of performances Friday March 24th at 7:30 pm, Saturday March 25th at 7:30 pm and closing will be March 26th at 3 pm. It’s a 95 min play with no intermission.
InViolet: You will next be heading back upstate to Rochester, NY to perform at Geva Theater in Other Than Honorable by Jamie Pachino , Directed by Kimberly Senior . What can you tell us about the play?
Juan: With her husband deployed to an unknown location, lawyer Grace Rattigan, a former Army officer who resigned her commission under sealed terms, must make life-altering decisions on her own. When she reluctantly takes on a military sexual assault case, it re-opens old wounds and forces her to confront her past, along with the real meaning of the military’s codes of honor, courage and loyalty. A new drama by award-winning playwright and screenwriter Jamie Pachino , writer of NBC’s “Chicago PD.”
I get to play a LAWYER! I am excited due to the rarity of a Latinx actor getting the opportunity to play a role that is not reduced to a drug dealer rapist, crooked cop, restaurant cook or prostitute. I get to play “Hector Nunez”, a smart, ambitious, military lawyer who has been treated well by the army and plays by the rules.
I have known Director Kimberly Senior for 15 years from back in Chicago, but his will be our first opportunity to work together. Kimberly’s profile has been elevated since directing Disgraced by Pulitzer Prize Winner Ayad Ahktar on Broadway. But to me she is still Kimberly who has worked at small storefronts all over Chicago. It’s been a joy to be in this industry long enough to witness colleagues’ careers soar.
I went to Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY so I’ve had plenty of experience of visiting Rochester, NY. My good friends Arin Sullivan and Andrea Taylor both worked at Geva Theater for years, which is why I was able to experience numerous plays there. It will be good to revisit upstate NY after it became a safe haven for me in the 7 years I lived there.
In lieu of the recent election, this play has become a priority to highlight the misogyny culture not only in the military but also in this country.
InViolet: You are one of 6 playwrights chosen to be part of The Brooklyn Generator’s Season 5 . This June you will close their season by writing a brand new play in less-than-30-days. Any idea what you might tackle? Have you ever completed a draft that quickly?
Juan: Since the election, my virtues have simply become clearer for me in my role as an artist. In 2009, I had performed in a play that explored the history of immigration in the USA called America Amerique by the late John Adams , Directed by Alex Levy , It toured all over the country, but focused on rural areas that wouldn’t normally be exposed to these kinds of stories. It was then that I had a sobering view of how the country outside of liberal cites like NYC and Chicago actually was. There was a sense of patriotism and normalcy in those areas that made me aware how split our country was. I only share that for perspective on how the recent election made me very sad despite me not being surprised by the result. But it seemed to wake up the rest of the country. So now what is my role in all of this as an artist? Do I create a zany comedy to take everyone’s mind off of things since the world seems so dire right now? Do I explore a play that is from the point of view of those in support of our current president? Or do I simply speak from my truth as a descendant of Colombians to highlight the atrocities of the history of violence while exposing my contribution to those atrocities as an American? Regardless on what I choose, all I know is that no matter how brutal our fellow humans have been, it is my duty to also highlight the power of compassion. Compassion can be just as dramatic as conflict.

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