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Japan Strengthens Its Efforts on Combating Human Trafficking., August 2006 — Adapted from: ‘Slamming the brakes on human trafficking.’ Asahi Shimbun. 9 June 2006.
[accessed 29 December 2010]
Thailand was chosen because many trafficking victims in Japan are Thai women. According to the NPA, 169 of the 397 victims taken into custody between 2001 and 2005 were from Thailand. Most were duped into heavy debts, then forced to work as bar hostesses or prostitutes.
Mekong region govts to co-op against human trafficking.
Xinhua News Agency, PHNOM PENH, 7 May 2006. english /2006-05/07/content_4517342.htm.
[accessed 29 December 2010]
[accessed 19 June 2017]
Since the signing of the historic COMMIT Memorandum of Understanding in Yangon, Myanmar in October 2004, by Ministers of the six countries, the Governments have been active in laying the foundation for a network of cooperation to stop traffickers and prosecute them, protect victims of trafficking and assist them return safely home, and launch efforts to prevent others from sharing the same fate.
Police rescue 47 Laotian women forced into prostitution in Thai karaoke bars [DOC]
Associated Press AP, Bangkok, 02 Feb 2006. laotian women rescued from thai prostitution dens2.doc.
[accessed 29 December 2010]
[accessed 5 October 2016]
Thai police on Wednesday raided two karaoke bars in a province near Bangkok and rescued 47 women from neighboring Laos who were forced to work as prostitutes, police said.
The women rescued from the bars in Chachoengsao province, 30 kilometers (19 miles) east of the capital, included eight girls under age 18, said police Col. Kraibun Songsuat . He said the bars’ operators had kept the doors to the bars locked to keep the women from escaping.
Thai woman admits selling girl into sex trade.
The Japan Times online, 5 July 2005.
[accessed 3 May 2012]
A Thai woman in Kanagawa Prefecture has been arrested on suspicion of selling a teenage Thai girl to a woman who manages prostitutes, and a Japanese man in Tokyo was taken into custody for introducing the girl to another man for purposes of solicitation, police said Monday.
Khmer girls’ trafficking ordeal.
Kylie Morris, BBC News, Thai-Cambodian border, 2 June 2005.
[accessed 29 December 2010]
A recent court case in Bangkok has revealed the way in which human trafficking networks operate across the border. In a conviction the United Nations has hailed as a breakthrough, a woman named Khun Thea was sentenced to 85 years in jail for luring Khmer girls into prostitution. It is the most substantial sentence ever given in South East Asia as punishment for engaging in human trafficking. Part of the reason for the conviction was the courage of a handful of Cambodian women, who traveled to Bangkok to testify against Khun Thea.
The Sydney Morning Herald, 16 October 2004.
[accessed 30 December 2010]
Although the extent of sexual servitude in Australia is unknown, more stories are emerging of young Asian women being lured on false promises, only to end up working as sex slaves in a strange land, with little English, no passports and no freedom. THE 20-year-old Thai student thought she was coming to Australia as a waitress, but said that 24 hours after arriving, she was put to work. Three Indonesian girls were luckier. Before being put to work they escaped from an inner-west red-brick unit and, in the middle of a winter’s night, ran through the back streets begging motorists to stop.
[access date unavailable]
Inside the "abandoned" shop houses there were already a number of Cambodian inhabitants. They greeted the newcomers and led them inside. The mission of illegal entry was completed; the next step would be to find "buyers" for the human cargo.
Seduction, Sale & Slavery: Trafficking In Women & Children For Sexual Exploitation In Southern Africa [PDF]
Jonathan Martens, Maciej ‘Mac’ Pieczkowski and Bernadette van Vuuren -Smyth, International Organization for Migration (IOM), Regional Office for Southern Africa, Pretoria, South Africa, May 2003.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 12 September 2011]
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – The major findings may be summarized as follows:
Mozambican victims include both girls and young women between the ages of 14 and 24. They are offered jobs as waitresses or sex workers in Johannesburg, and pay their traffickers ZAR 500 to smuggle them across the border in minibus taxis either at Komatipoort or Ponta do Ouro . They stay in transit houses along South Africa’s border with Mozambique and Swaziland for one night where they are sexually assaulted as an initiation for the sex work that awaits them. Once in Johannesburg, some are sold to brothels in the Central Business District (CBD) for ZAR 1000. Others are sold as slaves on private order for ZAR 550, or shopped around to mineworkers on the West Rand as ‘wives’ for ZAR 650. An estimated 1000 Mozambican victims are recruited, transported, and exploited in this way every year, earning traffickers approximately ZAR 1 million annually.

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Across the bridge from southern Sweden is Denmark, which chose to go the other way and decriminalize prostitution. The two countries form a sort of natural policy experiment. By 2007, according to Prof. Waltman, Denmark had about 15 times more prostitutes per capita than Sweden did – many of them migrant women trafficked from Romania and Nigeria. Now that Sweden is a hostile climate for traffickers, they tend to stick to more lucrative countries.
Iceland and Norway – two other progressive, feminist, northern countries – have adopted the Swedish model. But in Canada, the ideologies are flipped. Here, conservatives applaud the Swedish model, while progressives, academics, feminists and the media overwhelmingly ridicule it.
Prof. Waltman, who has been following Canada’s debate closely, thinks these people are seriously wrong. Decriminalization is a failed experiment, he argues. “When the German parliament decided at the end of the nineties to decriminalize, the idea was to make prostitution safer. Women would sign onto social security, and they would be destigmatized, and they would work in brothels and be safe.”
But no one signed up for social security, the sex trade was not destigmatized and brothels, he says, are not particularly safe. Worst of all, prostitution has exploded. “Most women are obviously not doing it by choice,” he says. “Most of them have been profoundly traumatized and want to get out. If you legalize it, it’s legalizing slavery, because they have no real choice.”
That’s the argument that sticks with me. I honestly don’t care if Terri-Jean Bedford operates her house of pain out of her nice suburban bungalow. Most sex workers aren’t her. Nor are they strapped co-eds working toward their masters’ degrees. They’re women at the bottom of the heap, too often aboriginal, who’ve been badly damaged and believe they have no other options.
As Ms. Bergquist says, “Anyone who believes there is such a thing as a happy prostitute should walk down the street with us one night and look these women in the eye. And then I’d like to see if they still believe that’s true.”
Swedish Prostitution Law Targets Buyers, but Some Say It Hurts Sellers.
By David Crouch.
GOTHENBURG, Sweden — Not far from the Sticky Fingers nightclub, three Romanian women were hunched against the cold on a street corner. When a man walked by, the women, in broken Swedish and English, tried to tempt him to buy sex.
On this dismal street in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, the same scene plays out every Friday night. Until recently, Daniella, 34, who was brought to Sweden from Romania by a pimp 10 years ago, was a part of it.
Now, Daniella, who asked that her full name not be used, has walked away from that life. After the pimp was sent to jail for four years, she turned to a volunteer group for help finding a way off the streets and became part of a broad decline in prostitution in Sweden.
Sweden’s pioneering law criminalizing the purchase of sex while allowing its sale — putting the criminal burden on the buyer, not the prostitute, while providing more assistance to women who want to stop selling sex — has been considered a success and a model for other countries since it was introduced in 1999. A study issued Friday by a government agency in Stockholm found that street prostitution had been cut by more than half since 1995 and that the number of men admitting to having purchased sex was down more than 40 percent.
The findings were consistent with an official report completed by the Swedish government in 2010, which concluded that the law had reduced trafficking and transformed attitudes toward buying sex.
Norway and Iceland adopted legislation similar to Sweden’s in 2009, and leading British politicians have called for the same. Last year, the European Parliament resolved to “reduce the demand for prostitution by punishing the clients.” Sweden itself is considering extending its law to make it a crime for Swedish citizens to buy sex abroad.
But as Sweden assesses the lessons of its approach, it continues to grapple with issues that could limit progress in reducing prostitution and sex trafficking, including the effects of technology on the market for sex and the rights of prostitutes themselves.
A review of research on the legislation that the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education commissioned from Malmo University found that it was unclear to what extent mobile phones and the Internet, rather than the law, may have accelerated the reduction in street prostitution by bringing buyers and sellers together electronically.
The stigma against prostitutes remains widespread, the review also found, making it difficult for women to get help from social services and the police, and stoking their fear of eviction or loss of custody of their children.
The law is forcing women who sell sex into more dangerous situations, it said, arguing that transactions have become faster and more furtive because men are afraid of the police, leading women to jump into cars without first checking if the driver is drunk, high or otherwise threatening. And the number of Swedes in favor of a ban on the sale of sex as well as its purchase appears to have grown.

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I had always assumed that this sort of activity was illegal in Singapore. The laws are very strict here, including fines for eating or drinking on public transit and the outlawing of chewing gum. So, I can’t help but wonder why prostitution is legal. I see it as dangerous and morally reprehensible, but that could just be a cultural difference. When it comes right down to it, consensual prostitution doesn’t really hurt anybody, and given the prostitute’s circumstances it may be beneficial to her (or him) financially. The banning of prostitution in Singapore could be more detrimental than helpful to social order. Or another way to look at it would be that since it’s not a problem, there’s no reason to fix it.
Legality aside, there are three places in Singapore that are known for prostitution. I’ve mentioned most of them in passing in previous posts, but I’ll detail them here again.
The first place is the Geylang area. Singapore is divided up into town areas for political and governance reasons. Geylang is located in eastern Singapore along the East-West MRT Green Line. The MRT won’t drop you directly in Geylang. You have to get off at the Aljunied station and then catch a bus the rest of the way. It’s not a long ride. Geylang itself is a sort of seedy looking place. It’s an older part of town that’s a bit run down. A lot of the buildings look like they’ve been standing since before Singapore was Singapore. The best spots for finding prostitutes in Geylang is to look in the mostly dark alleys around Lorongs 10 thru 12.
The second place that’s fairly famous for prostitutes is Lucky Plaza. Lucky Plaza is a mall along Orchard Road that caters mostly to the needs of Filipino foreign workers and Permanent Residents. The mall contains shops that sell imported Filipino goods, remittance centers, Internet cafes, and Filipino restaurants. It also has a lot of Filipina prostitutes. If you click through on the link at the beginning of this paragraph there’s a photo of two of them in that post.
The last place is Orchard Towers, which is also known as the Four Floors of Whores. It’s located at the end of Orchard Road, next door to the Thai Embassy. My wife and I had heard rumors about the place but we’d never actually been there. So, when we were out enjoying this year’s Christmas decorations we figured, why not? We were close to it anyway. As I walked up to the building and peeked down the stairs I saw two girls hanging around in the hallway area. It was obvious what they were up to. My wife had looked around the corner of the mall and told me to come see. She said there was a whole bunch of them lined up back there. So, being the ass that I am, I turned on the video recording function of my camera and recorded as I walked down the side of the mall. How many prostitutes can you count in the video below?
There’s the girl all in white, the group sitting by the curb, and obviously the ‘couple’ against the wall who were negotiating a price as we walked by. The inside of the mall was even more packed. By the back entrance there was another group of them chatting as they waited for potential customers, as well as isolated pairs standing around. They always seemed to be in groups of two or larger, except when they were appeared to be negotiating. It was somehow exciting to see so many women engaged in an act that we considered wrong and criminal so blatantly plying their trade in an otherwise picturesque part of Singapore.
As we left the mall we speculated on whether or not President Obama would be put up at the hotel across the street, and what Michelle might think about it all. We also saw some of the girls that we’d seen standing around in or on the side of Orchard Towers moving up the road a bit and engaging potential customers.
Disclaimer : Please keep in mind that I don’t condone prostitution, nor am I posting this for the sake of directing people where to get paid sex. I’m just detailing an aspect of Singapore that I discovered while living here. What you do with this information is up to you. So, if you go to Orchard Towers, get paid sex and then find out you have black syphilis and can’t return to your country due to health reasons, don’t blame me alright?
All Singapore Stuff – Real Singapore News.
Submitted by farhan on Tue, 19/05/2015 – 3:55pm.
When Daniel, 33, decided to explore the gay world in 2000, he never thought he would eventually enter the oldest profession of mankind – prostitution.
The medium-built and sun-tanned young man from Anhui province asked to be identified only by his first name and declined any photos, but he spoke candidly about his life as a sex worker, offering a rare glimpse into a common subculture that is being overlooked in modern society.
Daniel claimed he was not sensitive to his sexual orientation when he was a boy. Driven by curiosity, he sought out gay photos online back in 1998, back when Internet access was still new to him. Soon he found some friends with similar taste. After about two years of nine-to-five office work in Shanghai, Daniel was bored. He decided to try a more exciting life. He uploaded his photograph to a compensated-dating website.

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