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Lang had discovered the existence of this titillating genre one day when he furtively visited the maid’s quarters in his parent’s apartment (“probably driven by some youthful sex urge”). That visit resulted in two disappointments: “. that this very good-looking girl wasn’t in and the heap of installments of The Phantom Robber, which I found on her nightstand, was a miserable substitute for what I had hoped to find. and, secondly, when my father found me reading the penny dreadfuls, he not only took them away, but slapped my face with them several times, forehand and backhand.”
This particular weekly magazine carried a regular cover illustration, often a crude depiction of a murder or rape. Minor and major characters in Lang’s films, from Fury to While the City Sleeps, are similarly held in thrall by lowbrow crime magazines. More than once, in his American interviews, the director boasted that he kept up with “ze pulp.” “I find much of it very dull, yes,” Lang told a columnist in 1945, “but I find much of it interesting too.”
American Westerns also captivated him. Many he read were dime novels in crude translation, including one, Lang recalled years later, that chronicled the exploits of the outlaw James brothers. (When Lang filmed The Return of Frank James, he reportedly told Henry Fonda, “I thought the James boys were the greatest heroes since Robin Hood–I used to cry over Jesse’s death.”) Others were homegrown, from the fertile imagination of the German novelist Karl May, author of over sixty published works.
Beloved among a generation of Germans, May did not leave his provincial hometown in Germany to visit the faraway places he wrote about until he’d finished some thirty novels, but his descriptive sagas of the Middle East, the American frontier, and other distant lands made those places seem authentic and inviting. Lang’s enthusiasm for Karl May was something he claimed in common with his wife and scenarist Thea von Harbou. Regardless of their intellectual orientation, German-speaking people, from Adolf Hitler to Albert Einstein, found in the author a shared touchstone. Even Einstein declared, “My whole adolescence stood under his sign.”
Karl May was Lang’s ticket to the Wild West–in a sense his first escape from Vienna. A love of the American frontier was deeply rooted in his boyhood, and never lost its purity, or naivete. Later on, in Hollywood, the director’s Western films would prove labors of love, even tainted as they were by the simplistic perspective of dime novels and Karl May.
The boy’s infatuation with American frontier mythology must have reached euphoria when Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show arrived in Vienna, during the troupe’s farewell European tour, in 1905. It was a high point, and an end point, of Lang’s childhood. Though he was nearly fifteen, he always remembered his brief glimpse of Buffalo Bill, one of his towering Western heroes, with the awed eyes of youth.
Lang would write only two screenplays about Vienna, one being the 1951 unproduced “Scandal in Vienna,” which featured a recreation of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Mixing vivid recall and fancy, Lang depicted the opening of the show: the tall rider in uniform heading the colorful parade, carrying a streaming American flag, the cavalry, the Indian scouts and bareback braves, the chiefs in regalia, the trumpeter, the cowboys and cowgirls in picturesque costumes, the dancing and prancing horses, which evoked “mythical centaurs,” the procession of covered wagons and prairie schooners, the remuda of horses, the settlers driving cattle.
Lang brought two of his heroes together in this 1951 scenario. Der alte Herr himself sits in the stands, keenly observing the show. (Perhaps Lang, as a boy, saw him there from afar.) The emperor observes the cavalcade rounding the arena. The American national anthem is struck up. Buffalo Bill enters the arena, riding a hero’s white horse, “with his long white hair falling to his shoulders,” wearing buckskin attire and embroidered gauntlets, carrying his Kentucky long rifle. He gallops to the center of the arena, his horse rears on hind legs, then Buffalo Bill gallantly raises his hat to greet the grandstand.
The company sings out:
Buffalo Bill, Buffalo Bill,
Never missed and never will;
Always aims and shoots to kill,
And the comp’ny pays his buffalo bill.
Another boyhood folk song Lang could recite, word for word.
There were times of his life that Lang felt wistful about, among them his boyhood years, before entering secondary school. There were seasons of the year when Lang felt the pangs of the past most strongly, the times of his favorite holidays in Vienna–especially Christmas, which in his youth was a prolonged event.
The Christmas season would coincide with his birthday, with Advent usually falling around the fifth or sixth of December. Just as his birthday celebrations concluded, the good man Nikolaus would appear with his long white beard, trailed by Grampus, the horned devil who carried a sack in which he put the bad children and carried them off to hell if they hadn’t said their prayers. They were costumed friends of his father’s, rewarding good behavior with bonbons, or sweets.

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All right, now in order to make my point, I’ve got my board set now for my timeline. I can come up here and just rehearse from the Old Testament view. I want you to just stay focused on our top timeline, coming out of the Old Testament and all these prophecies of Moses back in the Torah. Then, beginning with the Psalms and we’re going to look at that in just a moment. Psalms is full of prophecies. In fact, Psalms 2 is the outline of human history. Now, these Old Testament prophets couldn’t understand it. It was beyond them, and we’ll show you that in just a minute. As a result of all of these prophecies of a King and a Kingdom, Christ came and began His three years of earthly ministry, signs, wonders, and miracles. Then what happened? Israel rejected it all, and they demanded His death. Of course, you know here’s another thing that people just don’t realize – Christ had to be lifted up. Didn’t He? "As the serpent was in the wilderness, so Christ had to be lifted up."
Now, what was the official means of executing the Jewish people? What was the official death? Stoning. Well, you see, if you stone someone you can’t lift him up like the serpent in the wilderness. So, you see, it couldn’t be left to the Jews to bring about His death. But the Romans, for a couple of hundred years, had been using this system of execution called crucifixion. So, this is according to God’s Divine purposes. Israel demanded it, but they couldn’t carry it out, because it wouldn’t be the right kind of death. So, Rome is brought into it and the Jews and Rome together bring about, not only His death , but also a death whereby He was lifted up and would draw all men unto Him.
All right, so you bring about the crucifixion, a supernatural act of God to fulfill His blueprint for the ages. All right, after He’s rejected there are forty days to prove, again, His resurrection life, and then He ascended back to glory. Now, according to all of our Old Testament, as we’re going to be seeing throughout the afternoon, the next event on the prophetic program was the Tribulation. The seven years of horror and God’s wrath and vexation to be followed by, as Isaiah has been showing over and over, after the judgment would always be what? The blessings. That’s been over and over. But now, this is the final one. So, after the horrors of God’s chastisement and His wrath, especially on the Nation of Israel, Christ would return and bring in the glory of the Kingdom.
Now, what’s missing? Well, we find it down on the second line, that contrary, or without any knowledge of the Old Testament prophecies, there is not one word of prophecy concerning the out-calling the Body of Christ, or what we call the Church Age, which is being completed as we speak. But, we’ll leave that for a later half-hour. Let’s stay on this top line which is all Israel. We did this when we started the little Book of James, but that’s a long time ago already.
Now, I’m going to do something that we haven’t done for a long time, to better understand what happened in Isaiah 61. I’m going to take you back to Psalms chapter 2. I can see already that we’re not going to get very far in this half-hour, but Psalms chapter 2 is what I call an almost perfect outline of this Old Testament prophetic program. That’s the best way I can put it. All of these Old Testament prophesies, looking forward to the crucifixion and the ascension; it’s all back there. Then would come the horrors of the Tribulation, then Christ returns and He would set up His glorious Kingdom. All right, Psalms chapter 2 puts it in a nutshell. It helps us understand other portions of Scripture that may not designate every aspect of this but only some of them. All right, Psalms chapter 2, we’ll read the whole first part of the chapter, starting at verse 1.
"Why do the heathen (the non-Jewish world) rage, and the people (That is the Nation of Israel.) imagine a vain thing?" Now, you’ve got the whole human race involved. You’ve got the non-Jewish world, the ‘heathen,’ and you’ve got Israel. As far as Scripture is concerned, those are the two major categories of the human race – Israel and the Gentiles.
"The kings of the earth set themselves, (in their pomp and their circumstance) and the rulers (Israel. Their religious leaders) take counsel (What’s the next word?) together, against the LORD,…" What do they call that now? Multilateralism? Well, anyhow, when they all get their heads together – you’ve already got it in Scripture. So, the Jewish leaders and the leaders of the Roman Empire decide together to put this innocent man to death. So they:
"…take counsel together, against the LORD, (Now, this is a prophecy concerning His rejection and His crucifixion, remember.) and against His anointed, (that is to be the Messiah of Israel) saying, 3. Let us break their bands asunder ,…" Now, here’s the little tidbits of Scripture that I know most people miss. Why the pronoun "their" when it’s talking to God, or speaking of God, rather. Well, because you see, God is a plurality. God is a Triune God, so when we refer to Him honestly, it has to be in the plural pronoun. So, this is why it is. The world says, let us break God’s bands asunder, but God is plural, so the pronoun is "their."

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A total of 70.5% (9,508) of eligible participants returned questionnaires. Nonrespondents did not differ from respondents by gender, education or history of childhood sexual abuse (as indicated in the women’s medical records). Compared with nonrespondents, respondents were slightly older (57 vs. 49) and were more likely to be white (84% vs. 75%). For the purposes of this article, in which we evaluate the association between adverse childhood experiences and at-risk sexual behaviors, we included all female respondents for whom we had complete information on race and education.
All questions about adverse childhood experiences pertained to experiences during the respondent’s first 18 years of life. Each category of abuse and household dysfunction (having been abused verbally; having been abused physically; having been abused sexually; reporting that their mother had been treated violently; having lived with household members who were substance abusers; having lived with household members who were mentally ill or suicidal; or having lived with household members who had ever been imprisoned) has been described in detail. 15 A number of questions were taken from the Conflict Tactics Scale; the response categories for these questions included never, once or twice, sometimes, often or very often.
• Verbal abuse. Verbal abuse was determined from answers to the following questions from the Conflict Tactics Scale: “1) How often did a parent, stepparent or adult living in your home swear at you, insult you or put you down? and 2) How often did a parent, stepparent or adult living in your home threaten to hit you or throw something at you, but didn’t do it?” Responses of “often” or “very often” to either item defined verbal abuse during childhood.
• Physical abuse. Two questions from the Conflict Tactics Scale were used to describe physical abuse during childhood. These were: “Sometimes parents or other adults hurt children. While you were growing up, that is, in your first 18 years of life, how often did a parent, stepparent or adult living in your home: 1) push, grab, slap, or throw something at you? or 2) hit you so hard that you had marks or were injured?” Respondents were defined as experiencing physical abuse if they answered “often” or “very often” to the first question or “sometimes,” “often” or “very often” to the second one.
• Sexual abuse. Four questions used in previous work 16 were adapted to create the following question on contact sexual abuse during childhood: “Some people, while they are growing up in their first 18 years of life, had a sexual experience with an adult or someone at least five years older than themselves. These experiences may have involved a relative, family friend or stranger. During the first 18 years of [your] life, did an adult, relative, family friend or stranger ever 1) touch or fondle your body in a sexual way, 2) have you touch their body in a sexual way, 3) attempt to have any type of sexual intercourse with you (oral, anal or vaginal), or 4) actually have any type of sexual intercourse with you (oral, anal, or vaginal)?” A “yes” reply to any of these four questions defined a participant as having experienced sexual abuse during childhood.
• Battered mother. Four questions were used from the Conflict Tactics Scale to define childhood exposure to a battered mother. The questions were as follows: “Sometimes, physical blows occur between parents. While you were growing up in your first 18 years of life, how often did your father (or stepfather) or mother’s boyfriend do any of these things to your mother (or stepmother): 1) push, grab, slap or throw something at her; 2) kick, bite, hit her with a fist or hit her with something hard; 3) repeatedly hit her over at least a few minutes; or 4) threaten her with a knife or gun, or use a knife or gun to hurt her?” A response of “sometimes,” “often” or “very often” to at least one of the first two questions or any response other than “never” to at least one of the third and fourth questions defined a respondent as having had a battered mother.
• Household substance abuse. Two questions adapted from the National Health Interview Survey 17 addressed whether the respondent, during her or his childhood, lived with a substance user. The questions were: “During your first 18 years of life, did you live with anyone who was a problem drinker or alcoholic?” and “During the first 18 years of life, did you live with anyone who used street drugs?” An affirmative response to either question indicated childhood exposure to substance abuse in the household.
• Mental illness in the household. A respondent who reported that during his or her childhood anyone was mentally ill or depressed or that anyone in the household had attempted suicide was considered exposed to mental illness. The questions used to measure such exposure were: “During your first 18 years of life, was anyone in your household depressed or mentally ill?” and “During your first 18 years of life, did anyone in your household attempt to commit suicide?”
• Incarcerated household member. If anyone in the household had gone to prison during the respondent’s childhood, this was defined as childhood exposure to an incarcerated household member. The question was: “During your first 18 years of life, did anyone in your household go to prison?”

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