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The window in Hughes’ office overlooks Tranquille Road. With a $750,000 a year budget his staff of outreach workers is in contact with most of the road’s marginalized, doing everything from needle exchange to finding food, shelter and health care.
“Women who are picked up as sex-trade workers — should they be pushed through the criminal justice system or a health-care system?” asks Hughes. “Well I would believe, based on my knowledge of this community, that people are in favour of assistance and help.”
He’s part of a group looking at the North Shore Improvement Plan and the recent debate of sex trade in the area and says, “We are at a crossroads. We have ladies on the street who don’t want to be there, defiling themselves, and it’s affecting our community.”
Including Georgian Court the society owns and manages 186 apartments. It has become the largest non-profit housing provider in the city. It accommodates low-income single individuals, seniors and low-income families. Georgian Court will be a transition-housing complex where people can live for up to two years. In the future, the society hopes to build a 50-unit, one-bedroom apartment complex that will house the individuals who move through Georgian Court, says Dawn Hrycun, CEO of the John Howard Society Thompson Region.
“I’m not saying things are perfect,” says Hughes “but I have never felt the sense of optimism around what the government and community is prepared to do to help these marginalized people.”
Denise Heather Hamill, age 31, was found in the Thompson River on Aug. 1, 2003. It took several days for the RCMP to identify the victim. The local media assisted by showing jewelry from the victim, which helped to identify her. She is believed to have been murdered elsewhere and her body dumped into the river by the killer. She was a sex-trade worker who was known to police. Hamill’s mother says her daughter was a happy go-lucky person as reported in the Kamloops Daily News (Aug. 16, 2003).
Shana Labatte, age 30, was found near the beach at Weyerhaeuser on March 23, 2004. She is believed to have been murdered elsewhere and her body dumped where it was found. The mother of two was a sex-trade worker and known to police. She was addicted to drugs and separated from her children, but missed them terribly and wanted to straighten her life out, according to a report in the Kamloops Daily News (Oct. 28, 2004).
The badly beaten body of Sherri Lee Hiltz, age 44, was found in a vacant lot on Surrey Avenue on April 8, 2005. She was a sex-trade worker and was known to police. A mother and recovering addict, Hiltz once wrote a letter to the Kamloops Daily News (appeared Apr. 28, 2000) after an incident in a dentist’s office to remind people “they shouldn’t be so quick to judge others.”
Anyone with information on any of the murders is urged to call Kamloops RCMP at 828.3000 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).
Red Zone Arrests.
17 sex-trade workers arrested during two-day undercover sting operation first week in June.
38 people arrested during two-week undercover operation targeting street dealers in early July.
22 johns arrested during two-day undercover sting operation in late July.
Prostitution ruling opens doors.
Federal government ‘exploring all possible options’
Mike Youds Daily News Staff Reporter with The Canadian Press / Kamloops Daily News.
December 21, 2013 01:00 AM.
Terri-Jean Bedford is seen at the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa Friday morning after learning Canada’s highest court struck down the country’s prostitution laws in their entirety in a unanimous 9-0 ruling. Photograph By The Canadian.
Terri-Jean Bedford is seen at the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa Friday morning after learning Canada’s highest court struck down the country’s prostitution laws in their entirety in a unanimous 9-0 ruling.
The Supreme Court of Canada started the clock ticking Friday for Parliament to reshape social policy dealing with the world’s oldest profession.
Red-light district gets serious thought.
A mayoral committee struck to address rising concerns over the sex trade in Kamloops is looking at the possibility of a red light district.
Prostitution is never going away, says the manager of the North Shore Business Improvement Association, so it’s time to decide where it should go.
Peter Mutrie was just one member of the Kamloops Community Action Team to agree with the need for a red-light district at Thursday’s meeting .
The discussion was in response to a bylaw being reviewed by Kamloops city council that would see prostitutes restricted from specific areas of the city, including areas around parks and schools.
But moving these women around means they’ll pop up in another part of the city, Mutrie said.
“If we suppress it here it will blossom elsewhere,” he said. Mutrie asked committee members to suggest possible red-light areas.
“Where is it OK to practise?” he asked.
Several outreach workers who counsel the women involved in the sex trade agreed with Mutrie, and suggested a more centralized prostitution zone would make life easier in tracking the women and providing them with exit opportunities.

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Then came the middle ages. King Alfred conquered the Dames, King Arthur lived in the Age of Shivery, King Harold mustarded his troops before the Battle of Hastings, Joan of Arc was cannonized by Bernard Shaw, and victims of the Black Death grew boobs on their necks. Finally, the Magna Carta provided that no free man should be hanged twice for the same offense.
In midevil times most of the people were alliterate. The greatest writer of the time was Chaucer, who wrote many poems and verses and also wrote literature. Another tale tells of William Tell, who shot an arrow through an apple while standing on his son’s head.
The Renaissance was an age in which more individuals felt the value of their human being. Martin Luther was nailed to the church door at Wittenberg for selling papal indulgences. He died a horrible death, being excommunicated by a bull. It was the painter Donatello’s interest in the female nude that made him the father of the Renaissance. It was an age of great inventions and discoveries. Gutenberg invented the Bible. Sir Walter Raleigh is a historical figure because he invented cigarettes. Another important invention was the circulation of blood. Sir Francis Drake circumcised the world with a 100-foot clipper.
The government of England was a limited mockery. Henry VIII found walking difficult because he had an abbess on his knee. Queen Elizabeth was the “Virgin Queen.” As a queen she was a success. When Elizabeth exposed herself before her troops, they all shouted, “hurrah.” Then her navy went out and defeated the Spanish Armadillo.
The greatest writer of the Renaissance was William Shakespear. Shakespear never made much money and is famous only because of his plays. He lived at Windsor with his merry wives, writing tragedies, comedies, and errors. In one of Shakespear’s famous plays, Hamlet rations out his situation by relieving himself in a long soliloquy. In another, Lady Macbeth tries to convince Macbeth to kill the King by attacking his manhood. Romeo and Juliet are an example of a heroic couplet. Writing at the same time as Shakespear was Miguel Cervantes. He wrote Donkey Hote. The next great author was John Milton. Milton wrote Paradise Lost. Then his wife died and he wrote Paradise Regained.
During the Renaissance America began. Christopher Columbus was a great navigator who discovered America while cursing about the Atlantic. His ships were called the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Fe. Later, the Pilgrims crossed the ocean, and this was known as Pilgrims Progress. When they landed at Plymouth Rock, they were greeted by the Indians, who came down the hill rolling their war hoops before them. The Indian squabs carried porpoises on their back. Many of the Indian heroes were killed, along with their cabooses, which proved very fatal to them. The winter of 1620 was a hard one for the settlers. Many people died and many babies were born. Captain John Smith was responsible for all this.
One of the causes of the Revolutionary War was the English put tacks in the tea. Also, the colonists would send their parcels through the post without stamps. During the War, the Red Coats and Paul Revere was throwing balls over stone walls. The dogs were barking and the peacocks crowing. Finally, the colonists won the War and no longer had to pay for taxis.
Delegates from the original thirteen states formed the Contented Congress. Thomas Jefferson, a Virgin, and Benjamin Franklin were two singers of the Declaration of Independence. Franklin had gone to Boston carrying all his clothes in his pocket and a loaf of bread under each arm. He invented electricity by rubbing cats backwards and declared, “A horse divided against itself cannot stand.” Franklin died in 1790 and is still dead.
George Washington married Martha Curtis and in due time became the Father of our Country. Then the Constitution of the United States was adopted to secure domestic hostility. Under the Constitution the people enjoyed the right to keep bare arms.
Abraham Lincoln became America’s greatest precedent. Lincoln’s mother died in infancy, and he was born in a log cabin which he built with his own hands. When Lincoln was President, he wore only a tall silk hat. He said, “In onion there is strength.” Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address while traveling from Washington to Gettysburg on the back of an envelope. He also freed the slaves by signing the Emasculation Proclamation, and the Fourteenth Amendment gave the ex-Negroes citizenship. But the Clue Clux Clan would torcher and lynch the ex-Negroes and other innocent victims. It claimed it represented law and odor. On the night of April 14, 1865, Lincoln went to the theater and got shot in his seat by one of the actors in a moving picture show. The believed assinator was John Wilkes Booth, a supposingly insane actor. This ruined Booth’s career.
Meanwhile in Europe, the enlightenment was a reasonable time. Voltare invented electricity and also wrote a book called Candy. Gravity was invented by Isaac Walton. It is chiefly noticeable in the autumn, when the apples are falling off the trees.
Bach was the most famous composer in the world, and so was Handel. Handel was half German, half Italian, and half English. He was very large. Bach died from 1750 to the present. Beethoven wrote music even though he was deaf. He was so deaf he wrote loud music. He took long walks in the forest, even when everyone was calling for him. Beethoven expired in 1827 and later died for this.

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Nahas remains bitter about his arrest and subsequent conviction and denies he was running a prostitution ring. He says he was unfairly singled out in a sea of rich players who move in and around the Cannes Film Festival's second-biggest business after movies: sex.
"Why me?" asks Nahas during a phone interview with THR from Beirut. "The police know what goes on during the film festival, and they turn a blind eye. But they went after me. Why? Because I worked for Gadhafi."
Every year, women ranging from what the French call putes de luxes (high-priced call girls), who charge an average of $4,000 a night, to local streetwalkers, who normally get little more than $50 or $75 an hour turning tricks in nearby Nice, converge on Cannes for what one Parisian hooker calls "the biggest payday of the year." The influx is hard not to notice. "Hookers stand out in Cannes. They're the ones who are well-dressed and not smoking," tweeted Roger Ebert in 2010.
"We all look forward to it," says a local prostitute in Cannes who goes by the name of Daisy on her website but declined to give her surname. Daisy is one of many independent escorts who have their own websites and usually avoid going to hotels and bars — except during the festival. "There's a lot of competition because there are so many girls, but the local ones have an advantage. We know the hotel concierges."
The local prostitutes, says Daisy, routinely drop cash off with concierges at the town's top hotels. In return, if they are lucky, concierges sometimes steer clients their way. During the 10-day festival, an estimated 100 to 200 hookers stroll in and out of the big hotels every day, according to hotel sources.
Nahas says the money can be bigger than most people realize. The most beautiful call girls, he says, know to target the high-end hotels "where all the Arabs stay."
"They can make up to $40,000 a night," says Nahas. "Arabs are the most generous people in the world. If they like you, they will give you a lot of money. At Cannes, they carry money around in wads of 10,000 euros. To them, it's just like paper. They don't even like to count it. They'll just hand it to the girls without thinking. I know the system."
The serious action starts after 10 p.m., he says. Call girls sit in the lobby, and prospective clients check them out.
"It's all done with hand signals," he says. "The guys signal their room numbers with their hands and the girls follow them."
The Organized Rings.
Some of the "luxury prostitutes" come as part of an organized ring, the type of operation that police said Nahas ran, and others fly in small groups on their own, mainly from Paris, London, Venezuela, Brazil, Morocco and Russia. Still others take advantage of the other big event taking place on the Cote d'Azur, the Monaco Grand Prix, and rent hotel rooms in the town of Beausoleil, just behind Monaco, and commute between there and Cannes, a 40-minute drive.
Nahas denies he was running a prostitution ring but admits he arranged for women to come to Cannes during the festival. His job, he says, was to pick them up at Nice International Airport, bring them to the port at Cannes and place them on small boats that took them out to Gadhafi's yacht, the Che Guevara, and other luxury vessels.
"I was not party to anything else," insists Nahas. "I don't know what took place between any of them. I had no part of it. They may have just been there to talk and have fun."
Until his 2007 arrest, Nahas was best known for throwing a $1 million birthday party for Moatessem Gadhafi in Marrakesh in 2004. He paid Enrique Iglesias $500,000 to attend and flew in Carmen Electra for $50,000, he says. Kevin Costner also attended.
"Gadhafi never touched Carmen," says Nahas. "In fact, she was a little angry because she felt he didn't pay enough attention to her. But Gadhafi was shy, believe it or not. Women had to make the first move." (A spokesperson for Electra could not be reached for comment.)
Nahas — who was jailed for 11 months after his arrest in France then released for lack of proof — says the younger Gadhafi sent him $25,000 a month to live on after his reputation was ruined in Lebanon and he no longer could work. Since Gadhafi's death, the money has dried up. "I cry blood for him every day," says Nahas.
When Nahas was arrested, police confiscated an address book that contained dozens of names and contact information for some of the richest princes and potentates in the Middle East. Nahas admits that he knew them all but denies that he procured hookers for them.
But even if he did, says Nahas, there are plenty more like him all over Cannes during the festival.
"Please," says Nahas. "Every year during the festival there are 30 or 40 luxury yachts in the bay at Cannes, and every boat belongs to a very rich person. Every boat has about 10 girls on it; they are usually models, and they are usually nude or half nude. It's drugs and drink and beautiful women. Go out on one and you'll see. The girls are all waiting for their envelopes at the end of the night. It's been going on there for 60 years."

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