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I “googled”. I know that many adolescents who are techno-savvy can “google” and find out what it is. Parents, you better “google”, too. Your ten and under-aged children will ask and I know that confusion will reign. You will have to find the words. Maybe, you can say “that is a place where there are no children, it is a place for adults only and as you grow older we will have a discussion about this”.
For your teenagers who should know by now about the dangers of sexual activity, you will have to introduce them to new words. prostitute and prostitution. Discuss careers and how some people earn their living and how some people spend what they earned, and the reasons for this choice. You can also use this opportunity to discuss with them the need to pay more attention in class, improve their grades and focus on a brighter future, abstinence, the fact that other people take advantage of others who are vulnerable.
Parents, I really feel your pain with this one. I also do hope that this piece of music is not played at any of our children’s Carnival events. I can only hope. Do any of these DJs really care? They keep saying “we have to give the people what they want, so allyuh deal with that”. We are in a protection-of-children mode these days, and all citizens should be on board with this, even our culture messengers. I chose not to use the v-word which rhymes with “culture”.
78 foreigners arrested in Marabella prostitution ring.
While the US Department of State has labelled T&T as a destination for the illegal sex trade, local immigration officials uncovered a massive prostitution ring on Friday night and arrested 78 foreign nationals and three locals.
Around 9.30 pm, on Friday night, immigration officials, along with San Fernando CID officers, swooped down on the popular Classic Seamen Hotel at Elizabeth Street, Marabella, where they found 76 scantily dressed women, allegedly soliciting clients. Several of the women were discovered in rooms on the lower floor of the establishment, while others were found in the lobby and bar area, some of whom were tending to three Chinese nationals.
According to reports, the women ran at the sight of officers but were easily captured as the premises is surrounded by high walls topped by barbed wire. The officers questioned the manager and assistant manager and the two were arrested and charged with managing a brothel under Section 22 of the Sexual Offences Act (1984).
The women—72 of whom were Dominican Republic nationals, two Jamaicans, one Guyanese and a Columbian—were also arrested and charged along with the Chinese nationals for immigration offences and soliciting. They are expected to appear before a San Fernando magistrate tomorrow.
Human Trafficking report.
In 2012, the US Department of State’s Human Trafficking Report said that T&T was “a destination, source and transit country for adults and children subjected to sex trafficking, and adults subjected to forced labour.”
The reports stated that women and girls are trafficked from South America and the Dominican Republic and are sent to work at local brothels and clubs while local men lure local teenagers into immoral acts for shelter and materials goods. The report went on to say that there were companies in T&T holding foreigners’ passports, which was a common indicator of human trafficking.
However, the US Department of State said that while Government did not fully comply with the minimum standard for the eradication of the trade, they were making significant efforts.
In 2011, former national security minister Brigadier John Sandy said, “The Government, through the Police Service and intelligence agencies, will be paying greater attention to establishments that surreptitiously operate as brothels.” He made the announcement while speaking on the Human Trafficking Bill in the Senate.
Despite police crackdown on several alleged brothels in South and Central over the past year, a senior police officer said the trade continues to flourish.
News and Views from the Global South.
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: Child Prostitution Is A Thriving Business.
PORT OF SPAIN, Feb 14 1996 (IPS) – The arrest of Trinidadian zoo curator Hans Boos in Miami on child pornography charges has stirred a hornets nest of speculation surrounding the sex industry here with the launching of an official investigation into several cases of missing children.
Since then U.S. authorities began keeping a close eye on Boos and when he was arrested as he disembarked from a flight from Trinidad to Miami on Feb. 5, there was sufficient evidence to have him charged with starring in and distributing child pornography.
It is being alleged that he not only swapped such material with foreign connections as far as Thailand, the United Kingdom and Germany but that he had personally engaged in sex acts with young children.
On Tuesday Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj announced the setting up of a special unit within the police service to investigate several cases of missing children that might have been linked to an alleged pornography ring.

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