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When it comes to swinger clubs, the 911 Swinger Club is the only one confirmed to be still in operation today. On Fridays, the club is accessible to all, but on Sundays, it opens as an exclusive club for couples. There were other listings too, but the site links are not accessible. Kamilla Swinger Club is said to be an establishment where clients can find a companion for serious and casual relations. Visitors can spend their evening in the club or continue the relation outside the establishment.
There are the other swinger clubs, but they may no longer be operational. These include 4×4 , a club hosting parties are every Friday from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., located in the Old City, and the Territory S , a venue hosting private swinger parties.
Riga Legal (Leave feedback)
While prostitution in Latvia is legal, several restrictions invalidate it. According to the law, an involvement of the third party is not allowed to organize selling of sexual services. This is why operation the brothel or PIMP is considered a criminal activity. Prostitution, however, is prohibited to minors and those who do not own a health card.
It is required for sex workers to have monthly health checks. Therefore, it is forbidden to provide services when the prostitute is under treatment. It is also important to note that it is prohibited for a worker to offer or accept services in a house or apartment that she does not own, or has rented legally.
Those who compel a person to engage in prostitution are punished with fine or jail time for up to three years. Incarceration may increase up to 12 years for those that involved juveniles or minors.
Households headed by couples of the same gender are not entitled to the legal protections that opposite-sex couples have. There is also a democratization process in the country, and this allows members of the third sex to operate businesses and establishments such as clubs, bars, stores, and more.
There are also some educational and cultural events for gays and lesbians, but there is no high level of broad-mindedness. People can also change their gender through surgical procedures. The country, however, does not allow same-sex marriage or recognize forms of partnerships from the same gender.
Riga Nightlife (Leave feedback)
The city of Riga becomes alive at night, with the Old Town, serving as a party destination for everyone. Bars and clubs are close to each other and offer a generous selection of cocktails, alcoholic beverages, live music, world-class DJs, and more.
There is also the other side of the city, in the Quiet Centre and the Central district for a different kind of nightlife. Here, tourists can dine at top restaurants, sip classy wines, or play at the casinos. Wandering or walking in the area while admiring the architecture is also an option.
Here are some of the best nightlife venues in the area:
Kalku Varti – this dance club is popular among partygoers, located in Kalku iela 11a, Riga Skyline Bar – this offers a stunning view of Riga and has excellent cocktails, located in Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija, Elizabetes Str 55, Riga Victory Pub – a pub with a British theme and great atmosphere, located in Central District, Riga, LV-1050 B Bars – hosts parties and offers a good selection of cocktails and snacks, located in Doma square 2, Riga, LV-1050 Leningrad – this features live music gigs, located in Riga, Krisjana Valdemara, Street 4.
Riga LGBT (Leave feedback)
Compared to Western European countries, the gay and lesbian scene in Riga is a bit conservative. While the capital is not extremely catholic, church and prominent public officials can freely express their opinion against homosexuality, including other organizations.
In fact, the Latvian capital attempted to organize the first pride event 11 years ago, but some public figures and church leaders condemned it, as well as the issue of homosexuality in general. As the result, the event had more protesters, leading to rallies with most of them expressing violence like throwing tomatoes, eggs, as well as faeces.
In 2006, a year after the attempted organization of the Pride event, the government banned the parade, noting that it puts the country’s peace at risk. After the said ban, a gay rights group called Mozaika organized a conference, but the protesters still threw holy water and faeces at the participants.
The Riga Pride Parade was only considered successful in 2007 because there was no expression of violence from the usual scene of protesters. It is noted that the gay groups are now more organized, with support from its participants and some European officials. There is also a higher potential for both understanding and change.
Gays are allowed to party and have some fun in gay-friendly bars and clubs. The club Golden is a great venue for the LGBT community, while the XXL Club is where anyone can meet and spend time with new friends, tourists, and young people.
Since the first successful gay pride parade in 2007, many are having an open-minded perception on homosexuality. In fact, EuroPride 2015 was celebrated in the Latvian capital. While the country itself is not very welcoming to the gays and lesbians, the LGBT community is not heavily threatened.

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